Hartnett Marketing Solutions


A marketing and leadership consultant and professor, Dr. Sherry Hartnett finds personal satisfaction in assisting individuals, teams and organizations in achieving solutions that benefit both the employee and the organization. As a dynamic and creative senior-level executive for more than 20 years, she has coached a number of teams in various not-for-profit and for-profit industries. An engaging, enthusiastic and accessible personality, Sherry has a passion for delivering value and benefits to her customers.

Her interests and passion led her to embark upon her own consulting practice where she focuses on helping leaders achieve better results by improving the effectiveness of their teams and the strength of their organizations. Sherry helps companies develop strategic plans and marketing communications that lead to improved business performance. She has been widely recognized for her efforts in leading multiple teams dedicated to building an engaged workforce, improved customer experience and revenue growth.

Wanting to make a difference in the lives of the next generation, Dr. Hartnett has joined academia as a university professor – in addition to consulting – to help prepare students for successful careers and lives. 


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